Why Choose Mordialloc Kickboxing?

Ladies Cardio Kickboxing Workout Mordialloc Ladies Kickboxing kick photo

Our ladies kickboxing circuit class is a combination of kicking pads, punching bags, various cardio activities, floor exercises and weights.  All are rolled into a one hour non stop circuit class. Cardio such as skipping, kettle bells, step ups, step overs are all part of the workout, with squats, lunges, burpees, star jumps, cross toe touches, and any thing we can think of, for good measure.

Five minutes of intense kicking burns more calories than a 10km run. From basic kicks to the spinning, turning kicks seen on TV, its always go,go,go.  If the legs are tired or a previous injury prevents you from kicking then we have numerous ceiling bags to punch, elbow, knee. It’s a self defence class within a workout!

Kickboxing at Mordialloc Martial Arts is a fun filled hour that keeps you on the go all the time. We normally finish the class with mat exercises that concentrate on what most women want, waist and below. That’s why it is a Ladies ONLY class, we focus on what woman want. (plus the guys wouldn’t survive on what we put you through.)

Sometimes gyms get boring. Same old thing every week.  We try very hard to vary every class while keeping to the basics of what we are trying to achieve.  No long term contracts here. You can pay on a casual basis each time you come or take advantage of our fantastic month offer.

Mordialloc Ladies Kickboxing photoNo experience necessary, no equipment necessary. We have the gloves needed to get you started. All we need is you, a water bottle and a towel to get  this fantastic workout under way. If you think your fit, try us and just see how fit you are. If you know your unfit then we start to build your fitness. You set the pace, we just keep your focus on your goal.

Whether its fitness, weight loss, training for a special event, fun, to meet people or just something new, you will love this. We have morning classes for busy mums where the kids are welcome. They are entertained in the TV room or with blocks, cars and books in the games room, enough to keep them quiet for the hour and out of your hair. So there goes one of your excuses.  Night time classes or Saturday morning attract the those unable to make the morning times. Nothing different, same intensity, same focus. Are you ready.

Do it today, do it now.